Slaves to Medicine

Power and money are holding your health care hostage. To ransom it will take courage to face the death spiral of the current system. Slaves to Medicine is an urgent call to reform—with a solution to prevent collapse on a large scale. 
The mistaken notion that the medical relationship between a caregiver and patient is a financial transaction has led to the “slaves to medicine” state. This book identifies how everyone touched by health care, or the lack of it, must participate responsibly in a solution. Change should spring from a belief that preserving health and providing health care are necessary for our society, our economy, and our morality. 

Slaves to Medicine leads the way to that solution.

Slaves to Medicine is an important book that can help shape health care in our country for the next several decades.”

David Cutler
Professor of Economics
Harvard University


"Dr. Beauchamp takes into account the differing approaches that each of us takes to health care.  His proposal incorporates every kind of individual, from the most responsible to the least, in an effort to create what America has long lacked: a comprehensive health care system."

Tom Campbell
Dean of the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
Former US Congressman, California State Senator, Stanford University law professor, and California's Director of Finance.



Slaves to Medicine is a monumental effort and a huge contribution to the thinking about our future health care system.”

Bruce Spivey, MD
President, International Congress of Ophthalmology

Past President and CEO of Pacific Presbyterian Medical Center, Northwestern Healthcare, and Columbia-Cornell Care